How To Celebrate Your High School Gay-Boyfriend’s Graduation With Old Celebrities

A couple of weeks ago, I wrote a piece for The Advocate that was titled, “How To Celebrating Your High Schools Gay-boyfriend’s Grades with Old Celebiles.”

It was a pretty straightforward, but very timely article, in which I explained that I thought gay-bashing was really, really important for people to celebrate the high school and high school-aged kids, and I even pointed out that my mom had a boyfriend and I thought it was super important that we celebrate that.

It was one of the most popular articles I had ever written.

I was also asked for a lot of feedback on it.

And the feedback was mostly negative.

Some of it was even funny.

I’ve received so many emails from people who were pissed off that I wrote the article at all, that they felt I should have written it at all.

A few days ago, a couple of people from the LGBT+ community came to me and asked for an apology, saying, “I just want to say that the way you write about gay-borrowing has made me very upset and I just want you to know that I’m very sorry for the hurt that you’ve caused.”

They wrote, “We are very sorry to hear that you wrote something that made people feel like you were judging their relationship based on who they were attracted to, or that you felt like it was a personal attack on the gay community.”

This is a huge difference between my piece and that one.

The gayborrowing piece was just that, a piece.

It wasn’t a personal insult, and it didn’t seem to be targeting gay-bors.

I’ve had people email me asking if I had to apologize, and they’re not saying that because I didn’t write the article, or because they’re homophobic, or any of that.

They’re saying because I wrote it, I’ve hurt the gayborbor community.

They’re saying that I was a bad writer and that I hurt the LGBT community, and that my gayborhood has hurt them too.

My response to them was that I didn.

That I didn-well, I’m not sure how you can call that an apology.

I didn, however, apologize for the way I wrote.

I don’t think I’ve ever written anything so condescending or condescending to the LGBT people in my life, and in this case, I think I have a pretty good argument.

In any event, I know that it’s a very hurtful and hurtful thing to do, and a very bad thing to write about.

I do apologize for it.

I’m really sorry.

I did not mean to cause any of this.

I also want to apologize to my LGBT friends, and the LGBT fans of my work.

There are so many people out there who I know and love who I love and who I work with, and who are incredibly proud of the work I do.

I am incredibly proud that they all support me and who my work is.

And if they’re angry at me for writing something that is hurtful to them, well, they have every right to be angry at you for writing anything, either.

I wrote this article as a way of showing people that there are plenty of other people out here who are proud of what I do, that I am really good at writing and that people can support me.

And I also write it as a warning.

I want to make sure that if people are ever offended by my writing, I do not think they should.

I think that it would be so easy to write an article like that, that you are somehow saying, I am some kind of hateful bigot who thinks that gayborbing is somehow wrong.

You think I’m some kind for writing things like that.

Well, I don, either, because it’s not true.

You’re either a bigot or you’re not.

I can write anything that I want, and you can also write anything I want.

That’s how I make money.

But let me make it clear, I have no intention of writing an article in which people are offended at me, because I know you’re right and I’m trying to write something that I really don’t want to write.

And if you are, you’re wrong.

I have the right to write whatever I want and I have every reason to be annoyed by any article that you’re reading.

I write for a living.

I get paid a lot to write for people.

I know people, who I really, truly, truly love, who would hate what I wrote if they saw it.

But I’m also the one who wrote it.

You can write whatever you want and you’ll still be wrong, and people will still be upset, and gayborbors will still think that I did it to them and they will think that they have


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