How to use a fake name to access fake Twitter account in Canada

A Toronto-based lawyer is launching a legal action to force Twitter to block a fake Twitter user account that impersonates a journalist.

Jennifer O’Neill, the lawyer for a Toronto-area family, alleges Twitter is violating its terms of service by not removing a fake journalist’s account, which she says has been using the name Jennifer O. from the platform.

Twitter has refused to say whether it has blocked the account or whether it is considering blocking it.

In a tweet to O’Sullivan, the account’s owner, O’Neil said the real Jennifer O has a new Twitter account, @jennifersnews.

The real Jennifer E has a second Twitter account @jennyedgosnews.

O’Connell says the account is not verified by Twitter, and the account has been used for malicious purposes such as promoting fraudulent news articles.

ODonnell says the real Jennie E has more than 3,000 followers and she is active on Twitter under the name Jennie O. OBrien, Twitter’s director of public policy, declined to comment on the case, but told the Toronto Star in a statement: “We do not share data about the identities of accounts with third parties, including fake news or accounts that appear to be fake news.

This is standard practice for Twitter.”

O’Donnell says she contacted Twitter about the account, asking to block the account as well as other fake accounts that were used for the same purposes.

She says she also asked to have the account blocked.

Twitter refused O’Nell’s request.

Twitter also declined to say why it blocked the fake account or why it did not take action against the account.

Twitter said it did block the fake JennieE account last month.

“We’re not commenting on specific accounts that we’ve blocked,” O’Neal said.

OO is also calling for an investigation by the RCMP.

Twitter’s terms of use say it is forbidden to “impersonate, impersonate or otherwise misrepresent the identity of a person.”

The company also says that any “statements or information provided in a tweet that is false or misleading are liable to be removed.”


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