Why I’m Not Celebrating New Years Eve

“Why is it okay to celebrate New Years eve without any LGBT people?”

I’ve always wondered.

The only thing I can think of is that we have the right to celebrate our own celebration of love, or our own holiday with our friends, but I guess it’s okay to not celebrate the LGBT community.

That’s like saying, okay, we don’t celebrate Thanksgiving because it’s not our holiday, but we don.

I just don’t know why that is.

I feel like this is a new trend that’s coming into the mainstream right now.

I mean, I don’t think there’s a big push towards LGBT people, or people of color, or trans people, but there are definitely things that are going on, and that’s really important to me.

I think we’re all really trying to come out of the closet, so it’s kind of hard to be open about it.

I have friends who don’t identify as LGBT, but they still love me, they still care about me.

There are people who are very open about their gender and who don.

My friends who are really good friends with trans people do their best to be supportive, and they’re like, “I’m just really not going to be a part of your gay, lesbian, bisexual, or transgender community.

I can’t even see you for myself because I don, like, live in the closet.”

That’s what it feels like for me.

It’s hard to see someone else being like, ‘I just don, you know, live like that, but you’re not going see me for myself.’

It’s really hard.

So I just think it’s so important to be out.

Do you feel that it’s important to celebrate your own year as well?

I think it is, but it’s really just not something that we should be celebrating.

You know, this is my first year being in a same-sex relationship, so I feel kind of lost in that moment.

But I think, in a way, I just need to feel safe.

I need to be able to know that I’m not alone in that.

I’ve had some really amazing people in my life, and it’s hard for me to know if they’re going to accept me or not.

But in a sense, being out is the best thing that I’ve ever experienced in my entire life.

The most recent issue of Cosmopolitan features a story on a trans woman who came out to her partner and their friends.

I’m sure that’s something that people have been wondering about, but if you’re transgender, have you ever felt like that was something that was too much for you to process?

I don�t know if you have, but the transgender community is just a really strange place.

There’s no safe spaces for trans people.

You can’t just come out, and just be happy with that.

There�s no safe space for us to just have our life, or even our lives as a community, be happy.

There needs to be an acceptance of us.

I hope that people are listening to us.

But, at the same time, I hope everyone is looking out for us.

We just want to be happy, and we just want that to be okay.

Are you afraid that this new trend of celebrating LGBT people will cause other trans people to feel unsafe or like, well, we have to be afraid that we might be discriminated against?

It’s something I feel for, but, you see, I feel so lucky to have a really supportive and loving family, and I feel incredibly lucky that they are supportive of me and my choices, but then also, I also feel so afraid that they might think that I have, like—I don’t even know how to put it—a certain lifestyle.

I might have a gay boyfriend or I might be a trans person.

And they just want me to be themselves.

They just want them to be who they want to.

I really don’t want to say that I would have that kind of life.

So it’s just, I have to keep in mind, when I come out to people, it is so much more than, I might look like, or I may be dressed like this or I have these piercings or whatever, or my hair is all different colors or I wear my hair like this, or whatever.

It is so, so different.

And it’s a very personal thing, and the world is so small, and so, very, very wide, and, you can be happy or you can feel like you’re going down a rabbit hole.

It�s really, really hard for a trans individual to be comfortable with that, because you don�ll always be judged by the world.

But at the end of the day, I know that the more that people can come out and embrace who they are, the more comfortable they will be with themselves.


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