Celebrities at the New Year’s Eve party celebrating vitamins,Celebrity Watch Party: Celebs celebrate vitamins and the stars are in attendance

Celebrities have been partying for the New Years Eve party since the beginning of the year, but this year they’re taking their love of vitamins and their passion for food into the bedroom, taking to Instagram to celebrate their health.

The hashtag #CelebritiesAreInTheBedroom is trending on Twitter, with celebs sharing selfies and photos of themselves and their spouses on their beds, and sharing tips on how to avoid heart disease and cancer.

“Today I feel better, I am happier, I can look into your eyes,” one woman shared on Instagram, captioning a picture of herself holding her husband’s hand.

“We are healthy, happy, and strong.

#CelebristsInThebedroom,” another woman captioned a selfie of herself with her husband.”

I feel good today #CelebesInThe Bedroom.

My husband loves me, I love him.

I am #CelebsInTheDress.

#PassionForFood” one man captioned another picture of him and his wife, both wearing outfits that feature a heart, a smiling face, and a heart-shaped logo.

“I’m so happy to be healthy and #CelebratesInTheBED.

#HappyNewYear,” one man wrote.

The #CeleBDSesCelebbs in the Bedroom is a social media trend that has seen celebrities and other celebrities taking to the bedroom for the first time in years, often to share their stories about their health and happiness.

Last year, singer Lady Gaga shared her journey from cancer and anxiety to becoming a healthier woman, sharing photos of herself in a bikini on Instagram.

Celeb star Lady Gaga (R) and her husband Justin Bieber (L) at the 2017 BET Awards.

– Photo by David Becker/Getty ImagesCeleb celebrities are also taking part in this year’s #CeleBRADDays, an online campaign that aims to encourage people to get healthy and get active.

On January 8, Beyoncé, who had been diagnosed with ovarian cancer, took part in a health class to promote healthy living.

The next day, she took part, too, in a wellness workshop.

And on January 10, Katy Perry and her band, Katy B, were featured in a video called The Power of Your Body.

Celebras are also putting their love and passion for nutrition to work on social media, sharing recipes, videos, and videos of themselves eating healthy and being active.#CelebrainsInTheFoodCup, a social hashtag for the #CeleBrainsInBedroom campaign, has already gained over 12,000 likes, and it’s only the second time the hashtag has had more than 10,000, and the first one to have more than 5,000.


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