How a ‘Smoke Free’ campaign will help save lives

4 February 2017 – 9:17amToday we announced a Smoke Free campaign that will help protect smokers from the health risks of smoking and help them quit, says the UK’s largest health organisation.

The Smoke Free Campaign (SFC), which is backed by leading medical organisations and leading charities, will work with the British Lung Foundation (BLF) to highlight smoking-related health problems and offer free or low-cost smoke-free advice to the public.

“We have been working closely with the BLF to support their work in developing the SFC campaign and its key messages,” said SFC’s chief executive, Dr Alison Long.

“It’s a significant achievement for the UK, and the first time that an industry-led campaign has been funded by a charity, which is a very positive development.”

“Smoke-free products are becoming more and more prevalent, which has the potential to lead to more premature deaths and a reduction in the UK population’s lung capacity,” said BLF chairperson, Dr Helen Sharkey.

“If we can make the most of the opportunities presented by smoke-less products, we can help reduce smoking’s harms, reduce the amount of air we breathe, and protect the lungs and other vital health factors.”

A campaign for the SGC is set to be launched this week.

“The smoke- free campaign will provide the public with a clear and effective way of protecting their health from the dangers of smoking,” said Long.

The campaign will be run by the BLFs campaign arm, the Campaign for Smoke-Free Health, which supports the efforts of charities and health organisations to reduce the health impacts of smoking.

“Our aim is to get more people into the habit of smoking by making smoking less socially acceptable, and reducing the harms that come with smoking,” added Sharkey, adding that the SFSC was also working closely alongside the BLFA to identify the most effective and efficient ways to get smoke-proof products into the UK market.

Smoking-free campaigns are a proven approach that can help smokers and their families stop smoking, and reduce the risk of lung cancer and other diseases,” said Dr Long.


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