Naked male celebrities get the naked spotlight

The naked male celebrity is all the rage these days.

It is a popular trend among men who are trying to look as “masculine” as possible, and who want to look and sound like men, as opposed to their female counterparts.

The problem, as with many trends, is that they can be damaging to the health of their female followers.

In the past few years, a growing number of male celebrities have made a name for themselves by openly and loudly being nude in public.

“Men are getting naked in public more than ever before, but we still have a long way to go in terms of awareness,” Dr Jennifer Lee, the Director of the National Sexual Health Foundation, said.

The trend is particularly pronounced among young males who are often sexually inexperienced.

Dr Lee says that many young men have come to the attention of the organisation by seeing the photos and videos of their male friends who have made the same choice.

“[Young men] are now being told to ‘go big or go home’,” she said.

“This is a dangerous and unhealthy message.

It has created a culture of fear, of shame and a lack of self-esteem among young men.”

There is no cure for this trend.

But there are ways of combating it, Dr Lee said.

“I’ve been to some very extreme, public nude modelling shoots, and they’ve shown that there is a lot of power in the power of the image,” she said, adding that it is also important to have the right equipment, especially when it comes to photography.

There are also steps that you can take to protect yourself, she said: “You can wear a mask, you can wear clothing that is not too revealing, and you can choose not to wear any makeup.”

“There are many good things that you could be doing to protect your body, like walking around with a smile and not being afraid of anything,” Dr Lee added.

“There is nothing to be ashamed of when you’re out in public and you’re in a good mood.”

Dr Lee said it was important to remember that there was nothing wrong with men doing the “normal” things of wearing shirts and shorts in public, but they also needed to be aware of how much they could be damaging the health and well-being of others.

“The real danger is when people think they’re doing something to be sexy,” she explained.

“They’re not.”


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