How to Stop Being a Celebrity Joke Source New York Mag

The crew got a chance to talk with the SNL cast about their favourite jokes, their favourite shows, and how to stop being a celebrity joke.

As part of the interview, the show’s writers gave the cast a chance for a quick chat on their favourite SNL characters and what they think of the show.

In this week’s episode, host and SNL alumni Chris Rock was asked to name a character from the show who he thought was funniest, and this was his answer: “I would say Chris Rock, I think the only reason he’s funny is because he’s a little bit of a prankster.”

“The guy who plays Mike is so funny,” continued the actor, adding that the character he plays on SNL “doesn’t get a lot of screen time, but he’s so good.”

“He’s like a character, but you know, he doesn’t do a lot, but his voice is so great.

He’s like an idiot.

I mean, I love the way he acts.”

Chris Rock plays Mike on SNlThe actor is not the only SNL veteran on the list, with actor David Spade also taking the opportunity to share his favourite SNl character.

“I just love how the guys are all laughing at each other,” Spade said.

“It’s like you have an all-star cast, you know?

They’re like brothers and sisters.

And the SNl guys are always like, ‘Hey, we’re gonna see what you got up to, man.

We’re gonna be all-in.’

So it’s just a really fun cast.”

Spencer Pratt, who plays the character who goes by the nickname ‘Teddy’ on the show, has a much different reaction to the snarkier characters.

“The one thing I really liked about [Teddy’s] personality is, you’re just like, a little bitch,” said the actor.

“But I’m not a big fan of the character, and I don’t think the character would be a good guy.

So I think I’m just kind of happy to be a bit of an asshole.”


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